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Why Talking about Suicide with Teens is Critical Mental Health

There’s a critical seven-letter word often concealed in speech by a whisper. People are afraid to say it. It’s hard to talk about, but there’s a lot of curiosity swirling around the topic. It happens every 40 seconds worldwide. What’s this mystery word that elicits such fear? Tilt your screen so no one can see. We are talking about suicide. Sounds terrifyingly dark. Despairing. That’s...

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The shrill ring of your cell phone rouses your mind alert as your limbs begin to shake off the stillness of sleep. It’s nearing midnight. Who could be calling? It’s the parent of a student who goes to your teenager’s school. They sound panicked and are throwing words at you a mile a minute. You hang up and rush to your teen’s bedroom to check...

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When you think about your teen’s social media activity you may envision an exchange of silly emoticons amidst a slew of indecipherable text abbreviations. But what happens when teens are in an emotionally vulnerable place and they take it online? Recently, I was perusing my own Facebook newsfeed and came across a disconcerting post from a family friend’s middle-school-aged daughter who lamented that she was...

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