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Adobe Stock© David Pereiras/Adobe Stock Emotional Health

When someone’s eyes begin to water and the first teardrop trickles down their face, there’s a pretty standard response from people. Tissues are whisked from the Kleenex box and offered. It’s a quick panacea for sadness as though dabbing the soft cotton fibers will ease emotional pain. Well-intended words attempt to console the person crying, along with outstretched arms welcoming an embrace. “It’s going to be...

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Adobe Stock© Photocreo Bednarek/Adobe Stock Relationships

Parents of teenagers frequently find themselves distraught over the sudden change in the relationship they have with their maturing adolescent. There can be reports of abrupt shifts in their teen’s demeanor, along with emotional distancing. Does this sound familiar? Teen goes into their bedroom, shuts the door, and offers up few words without parental interrogation. While this could be a bit of an exaggeration, the years...

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