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When Olympic gymnasts Lee Eun-ju of South Korea and Hong Un-Jong of North Korea snapped a selfie together at the Rio 2016 Olympics, it generated a lot of buzz. Once live on Twitter, the post was met with enthusiasm and people interpreted the selfie as symbol of unity, albeit fleeting, for the two nations with adversarial relations. Politics aside, the two female gymnasts were simply...

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Thanks to social media the word “friend” has morphed into a term synonymous with acquaintance, associate, and sometimes even straight-up stranger. Before sites like Facebook and Instagram gave us friends and followers, social interaction wasn’t so passive. It took effort to communicate and connect. The bulk of social exchanges happened in person.  Remember a time when there was no such thing as friend requests? Before social...

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When you think about your teen’s social media activity you may envision an exchange of silly emoticons amidst a slew of indecipherable text abbreviations. But what happens when teens are in an emotionally vulnerable place and they take it online? Recently, I was perusing my own Facebook newsfeed and came across a disconcerting post from a family friend’s middle-school-aged daughter who lamented that she was...

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