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in Technology

Surefire Ways to do Video Games Right in your House

Once you hook up that video game console to a screen in your home, you’ve made a family decision. Video gaming becomes part of your parenting strategy. Good or bad. You own that choice. That little box will be a bargaining chip. It will carry social implications. The games will compete for time devoted to studies, sleep and perhaps even personal hygiene.  Video gaming itself...

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20 Feb 2016
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in Mental Health

Warning Signs that Your Teen Needs Counseling

The shrill ring of your cell phone rouses your mind alert as your limbs begin to shake off the stillness of sleep. It’s nearing midnight. Who could be calling? It’s the parent of a student who goes to your teenager’s school. They sound panicked and are throwing words at you a mile a minute. You hang up and rush to your teen’s bedroom to check...

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15 Feb 2016
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in Relationships

10 Ways to Build Stronger Connections with Your Teen

Parents of teenagers frequently find themselves distraught over the sudden change in the relationship they have with their maturing adolescent. There can be reports of abrupt shifts in their teen’s demeanor, along with emotional distancing. Does this sound familiar? Teen goes into their bedroom, shuts the door, and offers up few words without parental interrogation. While this could be a bit of an exaggeration, the years...

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15 Feb 2016
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in Social Media

What Social Media Activity Can Reveal About Teen Mental Health, Coping Skills

When you think about your teen’s social media activity you may envision an exchange of silly emoticons amidst a slew of indecipherable text abbreviations. But what happens when teens are in an emotionally vulnerable place and they take it online? Recently, I was perusing my own Facebook newsfeed and came across a disconcerting post from a family friend’s middle-school-aged daughter who lamented that she was...

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15 Feb 2016
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